Stopping Smoking

Getting out of the Smoking Trap

I began my journey as a Hypnotherapist after successfully using it to break my own smoking habit. The experience for me was such a powerful one that I felt called to study Hypnotherapy and help others create this freedom themselves.

I’d like to start helping you get out of the trap beginning right now. If you are thinking of using Hypnotherapy to get free from your smoking habit then read on and see if it feels like the right path for you. The first thing I suggest you ask yourself is:

Are you willing to do what it takes to become free?

Most smokers like the idea of being free, repairing their health, saving money, avoiding the social stigma and so on. However many are not really willing to let go of smoking from their lives. They are still perceiving some benefits from the habit. For Hypnotherapy to be of help you have to be in alignment with your decision to quit. Simply put, you have to really want it!

It has to be a decision you are making for yourself. If you are being pushed to quit by loved ones or are quitting for someone other than yourself then you are starting out on a shaky foundation. It’s absolutely fine to be looking forward to how your loved ones will feel when they see you free. But at the the core of your decision it really needs to be something you are doing for yourself.

When you do want it and are willing to take the step in the direction of freedom then Hypnotherapy can be a massive help (exactly how it helps is explained further on in this article).

When you are releasing a habit like smoking and returning to your natural state there are a number of things that will happen. It helps to be aware of this in advance.

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Recalibration of Body and Mind

Firstly, your conscious and subconscious mind are going to undergo a process of recalibration. An updating of the thoughts and behaviours from the toxic habit to the thoughts and behaviours associated with health and life.

Secondly, your body is going to undergo a process of detoxing from the poisons of the smoking habit and your respiratory system is going to begin cleaning out the tar and other poisonous compounds from your lungs and airways.

Your body and mind are moving from a state of imbalance towards one of balance. Your natural state.

The move towards recalibration takes place in every case of a person stopping smoking. Generally speaking the recalibration takes somewhere between four and six weeks.

Issues during Recalibration

Each of us experience recalibration in our own unique way. Part of the value of Hypnotherapy is in helping to show you how to experience it smoothly and as a liberation. When you experience it like that then the short path to freedom from smoking is one you travel with good feelings. It becomes very easy to quit.

You may have had attempts to quit in the past and experienced parts of this process. You may have even completed the recalibration and then found yourself back in the smoking trap after an event like a night out, a bereavement or some other upheaval in your life.

Where many people have difficulty is during the period of recalibration. This is the point where many people go back to the habit of smoking and the reason is quite simple. A smoker has spent many years training themselves to become comfortable with a daily dose of poison in their system. This has required a lot of adjustments within their body and mind. Even though smoking has resulted in an off-balanced and toxic state within the body and mind this feels normal to a smoker. It feels familiar.

When you begin the process of recalibration you will experience the sensations of body and mind associated with the recalibration. This is a perfectly natural process, a healing process. But since the system has been off balance for so long, this healing process does not feel familiar or normal. It feels… a bit unusual. Many people then have the incorrect thought that the recalibration sensations are a craving for the drug. This is a thought that greatly weakens them. If they reach for the drug at that point the recalibration stops and the off balanced state begins to get re-established.

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What will Hypnotherapy do?

When you have decided that you are ready to get free then Hypnotherapy will help you to update your story about smoking and your life. The process helps you to change how you think and feel about smoking and cigarettes.

When you have consciously decided that you are ready to become free then Hypnotherapy can help you align this conscious decision with your subconscious mind.