Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic process which works at the conscious and sub-conscious levels of your mind to help you change the way you think and feel about the problem areas in your life. It is a process through which you develop strategies to update your thinking from limiting, out-of-date beliefs to stronger, more powerful and appropriate ones.

Updating your thinking and changing your experience is something that you have naturally been doing throughout your life. The process usually takes place automatically, and it often happens completely outside of your conscious awareness. You simply change, and that’s that.

It’s possible, however, to find yourself stuck in a set of beliefs, thoughts or actions about a particular area in life and to find yourself repeating a behaviour or thought pattern that no longer fits you or is unhelpful to you. When this happens, the automatic updating of your thinking has not taken place as it usually does. The result can often be that you find yourself with an addictive behaviour, a fear or phobic response, anxiety, or some other dysfunction.

Hypnotherapy helps you to get access to the thinking and beliefs that lie beneath your out-of-date or unwanted behaviour and thoughts. It offers a system through which you can release those old toxic thoughts and actions and establish new powerful ones.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

As you go through life, you develop your own personal ‘map of reality’ in your mind. This map constantly adapts and changes according to the things you learn and what you experience. For the most part, this perceptual map, this map of reality, is very useful. Sometimes it is not.

You are designed to naturally change when your mind feels that it’s the right thing to do. There are times, however, where you may consciously want to change, but it seems as though there is something preventing you from doing so. This can be caused by an unconsciously held belief where your mind tries to protect you because it sees change as a threat.

Hypnotherapy works by quieting that protective part of your mind that has been blocking change. Then, through the use of suggestion, your conscious and subconscious thinking is guided to update.

In hypnotherapy, I teach you how to connect with your protective mind and align with it. You learn how to get the protective level of your mind to work with your subconscious mind so you can update the parts of your map of reality that no longer serve you.

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What does a Hypnotherapy Session look like?

At your first session you are welcomed into the clinic and we begin with a client intake form. You will be asked a few questions about any medical issues you may be experiencing or treatments you are undergoing or had in the past. We will then talk in more detail about your specific situation and get clear about the outcome you want. We will explore ways to help you bring about this outcome.

Next, I will explain how Hypnotherapy works and dispel some of the myths that exist around Hypnosis. You will have an opportunity to ask me questions about the process. When you are happy with your understanding of the Hypnotherapy process and ready to, we will proceed to the Hynpotherapy.

You will be guided into a very comfortable, relaxed state of mind and body. Your eyes will gently close and in this relaxed state you will hear suggestions being spoken to you about your specific issue. Although deeply relaxed, you will remain aware of what is going on in the space around you.

Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions can vary in the time they take. They range from one hour up to two and half hours, based on the specific issue being addressed.

Can I be Hypnotized?

The short answer is yes. A more accurate answer, however, comes from a clear understanding of where the question is coming from.

If the question is “Can I have my mind controlled like I’ve seen entertainers do on TV?” then no, you can’t. That kind of ‘mind control’ that is popular in stage shows and on TV is, first and foremost, a show. While it often involves elements of Hypnosis, there are many more elements involved that come from the world of show business and entertainment.

Sometimes performers present their shows with the implication that everything you see is achieved through Hypnosis. It isn’t. The actual techniques used often have their roots in the art form of magic for entertainment. While that makes for an entertaining show, it is not Hypnosis.

If the question is ‘Can I learn to perform mind control on myself?’. The answer to that is yes you can. And this is what Hypnotherapy is all about.

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Why does Hypnosis have a reputation for being Magical?

Hypnosis has a reputation for being somewhat magical and I think there are two main reasons for this.

The first reason is that when you have been stuck in a particular way of thinking or behaving for a long time, and then you find a way to change, it can be a very magical feeling. It’s like letting go of a weight that you had been carrying for a long time and that feels really good. You may have tried lots of approaches to bring about change and when Hypnotherapy works for you then that can feel quite magical. Certainly when I stopped smoking through Hypnotherapy it felt incredible. I just didn’t want to smoke anymore!

The second reason is that many Entertainers use the premise of Hypnosis in their shows. Sometimes there actually are Hypnotic elements involved in the show, and sometimes there is absolutely no Hypnosis at all. A Magician’s skill is to create illusions. If they are creating an illusion (using the techniques of the Conjurors trade) and they choose to call that illusion ‘Hypnosis’ then it gives it an air of amazing power. However, It might not be related to Hypnosis at all.

Who is Hypnotherapy for?

Hypnotherapy is for people who are willing to engage in the process of change. This works best for you when you are open-minded regarding the possibility for change in your life and when you are ready to do what it takes to bring about that change.

  • Busy people often find that Hypnotherapy suits them since change can often be brought about in a relatively short span of time.

  • Those who have had enough of the problem areas of their life.

  • People who find fear gets in the way of them making the most of their lives.

  • People who feel as though a certain behavior like smoking, drinking, or eating has become a compulsion to them.

  • People who know what they need to do but who feel as though they need a bit of help with doing it.

Who is Hypnotherapy not for?

Hypnotherapy is not suitable for everybody. Here are some situations where Hypnotherapy is not suitable as a therapeutic aid.

  • People who are looking for a ‘Magic Wand Solution’ to the challenges in their life. By that, I mean people who want to hand responsibility for their problem over to someone else so that they can make it go away. These people will be disappointed by the reality of Hypnotherapy. You need to fully engage in the process to get real value from it. Those who understand the importance of their engagement often experience very powerful results.

  • People with some medical conditions, psychiatric diagnoses, and on certain medical treatments are not suitable candidates for Hypnotherapy.

  • Some people who experience epileptic seizures have reported having seizures when they relax deeply. Hypnotherapy often involves relaxing deeply. People with Epilepsy should consult their doctor to see if Hypnotherapy is an appropriate complementary treatment for them.

  • I am happy to speak with you on the phone and discuss if Hypnotherapy is suitable for you.

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Do I have to come to your Office?

Many people prefer in-person sessions at my clinics in Dublin and Bray, which are convenient for those based in South Dublin, Dublin City, Bray, Greystones, and Wicklow. However, if you are located further away, online sessions are also available. I have been practicing Hypnotherapy online for more than a decade, and the effectiveness of online sessions matches that of in-person sessions at my clinics.

Do I go asleep during the Session?

No. During your session, you will be guided into a relaxed state. That feeling can be a bit like daydreaming, but you will not fall asleep. It does not serve the purposes of our work together for you to fall asleep during the session.

You will be given an audio program to listen to at home as part of your treatment. When listening to this audio, you might fall asleep, particularly if you listen to it late at night.

If you are seeking treatment specifically to help you sleep then I will use Hypnotherapy to help you enter a more relaxed state so that you can more easily fall asleep.

Do I lose control? Can a Hypnotherapist ‘control my mind’?

Absolutely not. Quite the opposite, Hypnotherapy will help you to develop more ‘mind control’ in your own life.

Many people will have seen entertainment Hypnosis on television or at stage shows. These shows are for entertainment and they involve a large amount of showmanship and magicians techniques.

There is no relationship between Clinical Hypnotherapy and this type of entertainment.

If there is any ‘mind control’ element in Hypnotherapy, it is that of you learning to control your own mind.

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Does My Health Insurance Cover Hypnotherapy?

The answer depends on your specific insurance plan. To find out, please contact your insurance provider directly and inquire about your coverage for sessions with a Hypnotherapist for smoking cessation, weight loss (or whatever area you are seeking help with). Check your policy details for any related provisions and ask about documentation requirements for reimbursement. Insurance coverage varies, so direct communication with your provider is key to understanding your personalised coverage. I will be happy to provide you with supporting documentation to assist you with any health insurance claims.

What is the next Step?

Please contact me to arrange a free consultation call. During this call you can ask me any questions you may have and we can establish that this is a suitable treatment for you.

Booking Your Session

When arranging your appointment, a booking deposit reserves and secures your time slot. If you need to make adjustments to your appointment time, kindly provide a minimum of two working days’ notice to ensure flexibility. In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as illness or emergencies, each case will be considered individually. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

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