Overcome Anxiety

Understanding Anxiety – A Natural Response to Perceived Threats:

Have you ever wondered what is the real purpose of anxiety? It may seem strange, but anxiety, when it occurs in its proper context, actually serves a valuable function for us. It is a response, generated by our nervous system, to alert us to potential dangers or threats in our environment. This triggers the ‘fight or flight’ response, a physiological reaction designed to prepare our bodies for immediate action. To run from or fend off a potential threat.

The Fight or Flight Mode:

In this mode, our heart and lungs intensify their activity, digestion slows down, and muscles tense up. Blood vessels widen in the muscles and constrict in other parts of the body. Energy is directed to the muscles, pupils dilate, and sensations like sweating and shaking may occur. It’s a state akin to a coiled spring, preparing us to confront or escape from real danger, increasing our chances of survival.

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Why Anxiety Arises Without Real Threats:

However, anxiety can manifest even when there is no real threat. The symptoms of anxiety mirror those of the ‘fight or flight’ response, but the trigger is not a tangible danger; it’s a perceived or imagined threat. Our minds react to a danger that may not exist or is highly unlikely to happen, often stemming from subconscious thinking.

Overcoming Anxiety with Hypnotherapy:

Understanding the interplay between mind and body is crucial in overcoming anxiety. Anxiety is not a conscious chosen state; it originates from the subconscious mind, perceiving a threat and triggering a physical response. This is where Hypnotherapy plays a pivotal role.

My Hypnotherapy treatment creates a space for you to connect with your subconscious mind, identifying and addressing the root cause of anxiety. Through this process, outdated beliefs can be replaced with new, empowering ones. The result? You maintain a natural response to genuine danger without the unnecessary suffering of inappropriate anxiety. Simply put, you come back to balance.

Complementary Hypnotherapy: A Supportive Journey:

It’s important to note that Hypnotherapy should be considered as a complementary therapy, not a primary one. Before embarking on this journey, I recommend consulting with your GP or an appropriate medical practitioner as your first line of treatment. Understanding the mind-body connection is essential, and your healthcare provider can guide you through the initial steps of managing anxiety.

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The Treatment Experience:

  • Understanding the Mind-Body Connection: Gain insights into your mind and body to establish a connection with the root cause of anxiety.

  • Hypnotherapy Process: Connect with your subconscious mind to update old beliefs and establish new, powerful ones.

  • Transform Your Experience: Make changes that allow you to navigate the world without inappropriate fears, embracing your calm, relaxed nature.

Cost, Duration, and Personalised Information:

Curious about the cost, number of sessions, and whether this approach is likely to work for you? Click the “Request a Call Back” button, and I’ll provide all the information tailored to your personal situation. Take a step toward a calmer, anxiety-free you, in collaboration with your primary healthcare provider.